Colors of Fall 2020 Are they in your wardrobe?

The colors everyone will be wearing this fall.  Are they in your wardrobe?

Every year there are colors and prints that come back for fall.  Darker colors and jewel tones come in right along with fall and winter – burgundy, navy, black, brown, and grey always make their appearance.  We also see leopard, plaids, and other animal prints and furs make their own statements each year.  But this year, there is are new “IT” colors that you will want to be sure to include in the mix!

  • Blush pink – This soft as snow color is making waves all over fashion this fall.  Pair it with ivory or white for an all over softness, or pair it with bold colors for a contrasting statement.  Either way, this neutral is a beautiful must have for everyone’s closet this year as it looks great on most skin tones!
  • Camel – With mocha and dark chocolate making a strong statement this fall, camel is the newcomer that is a beautiful complement that lightens things up – like crème in your coffee.  It pairs well with brown, black, burgundy, and ivory.  You will see this rich color in solid tops and cardigan sweaters, in plaids, and as an accent color in many prints.  This is a definite must try!
  • Cinnamon – Maybe it is called rust, maybe it is called dark mustard, it all depends on the tone of cinnamon you are looking at!  Ranging from a rusty red to a deep golden color, cinnamon is bringing back the warm color palette in a big way this fall.  This will pair well with emerald green, navy, ivory,  and dark chocolate brown.  This cinnamon color range is a fresh, new shade that will be fun to wear!

Whether you go all in with solid tops and cardigans in these colors, or just pick up a few bracelets and a long necklace to accent your wardrobe with them, you will definitely want to try them.  Adding new colors to your “usual” wardrobe makes getting dressed a little more fun!