Southern Festival Food to Make At Home

Festivals are a part of life in the South.  Craft fairs is what you will more likely hear us call them though.  You know, the events where crafters and artisans from the area come and set up their wares and the entire town comes out to shop, eat, listen to live musicians, watch the square dancers, and most importantly – see everyone!

Funny how the craftiest booths are always the most popular.  There is something comfortable about handmade hair bows, candles made in a local home, pottery thrown at the local ceramics studio, or yard signs hand painted by neighbors.  Personally, I never miss one of these events if I can help it.  I grew up going to these, and have tried to teach my love of them to my kids…and am still working on that!  But, my husband has grown to enjoy them as much as I do!

He loves the musicians…and the food!  We both love that.  And one of the most unusual things we ever saw is now one of our family’s favorite comfort foods.  Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

I know, right?  Sounds gross.  Sounds amazing.  Never thought of that.  Yep.  All of that.  But I’m telling you, they are wonderful!  And there is no recipe.  Literally, make your peanut butter sandwich the way you like it – with jelly, with honey, with syrup, on white or wheat or something else, and then grill it!  OK, you do want to put butter either on the bread or in your skillet, but that’s it. 

Our favorite way to grill these is in a panini press because then it gets a crispy outside once.  Make sure that if you do it this way, you spread some softened butter on each side of the bread before you put the sandwich into the press.  If you don’t have a panini press, just grill the sandwich in a skillet like you would a grilled cheese sandwich…making sure that you have plenty of melted butter in the pan so that it tastes gooooood! 

Caution:  These are addictive!  Caution again:  The peanut butter is hot and runny!  You may want to let it sit a minute before taking a bite.