The Best Way to Perk Up Anything

You know how after a while, even your favorite room doesn’t have the same effect on you anymore?  Putting on your favorite outfit feels…tired?  Your signature gift has lost the excitement?  Here are two tricks to perking it all up again!


Switch things up a bit.  Move furniture from one side of the room to the other.  Add a pop of color to an outfit with a necklace, scarf, or belt; try a front tuck with your top; or switch up the shoes.  Make your gift more personal by adding a monogram, and/or a note permanently written on it.  First of all, if it’s monogrammed, it’s not going anywhere!  I don’t know if this is because I grew up Southern, but I can tell you that without exception, every single thing that my parents ever gave me framed has a sweet, dated message on the back from them.  They could have framed a fast food napkin and I would not have let go of it because of the message on the back.


Add something new.  A friend of mine always had to have something new to wear on a date.  It didn’t have to be an entire outfit and in fact, almost never was.  But a new necklace, earrings, or bracelets, a new scarf…just a little something to make her feel special, and to make sure that in case he noticed those things, he knew that he was important enough to make a little fuss over.  That same principle applies to gifts and rooms in your home, too.  Add a pillow, a throw, a green plant, or frame a couple of new family photos and place them in a prominent spot in a room…after you pick up and straighten it up of course!  It will add a new energy to the room for sure! 

Add a little happy to your gifts…nothing big – just something that will make them smile.  My mom loves lemon drops – adding a bag to her gift gets me a little extra squeal ever time!  Similarly, adding a bag of wint-o-green mints to my daddy’s gift gets me a big hearty chuckle and an enthusiastic “Oh Boy!”  If your signature gift is a throw blanket, tuck some popcorn in there!  If it’s a serving dish, add a personalized hand towel.  Just a little happy goes a long way to add excitement to your gift giving.

Now you are ready to perk up your home, your wardrobe, and your gifts!  And I am inspired to go do the same!